Responsible for a huge charity after much research I learned that rich lawyer who lives in the city and so far the charity not even a penny . They decided to send him to the right people .

Charity :  we have found that you are very good in income , but so far have not offered anything to charity . If you don't wanna participate in it ?
Lawyer :' '
Did you notice that my mom did my research about three years after a long illness , died a week ago, and during those three years , retirement rights, the treatment of heavy expenditure would suffice ?
Charity :
( slightly embarrassed ) No, I didn't know . I really condolences .
: Did you realize that in my research about my brother in the war and lost both legs no longer work , wife and 5 children and for years to stay at home and can not his afford cope ?
Charity : ( a shame more) No, I didn't know . What a big ado ...
Lawyer : Do you notice that my sister is many years in a psychiatric hospital because no insurance to cover the cost of treatment is a serious bottleneck ? (Charity was quite ashamed of saying sorry. Do not know much ado) ...
Lawyer : Okay . Now I have not contributed a penny to how you'd expect them to charity I help you ?

The Moral disregard for fellow human beings is one thing , while niggardliness also another thing, but what is clear from the actions of others can not be concluded from an angle !